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 Clan revamp/SwordsMan

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Vendetta Clan

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PostSubject: Clan revamp/SwordsMan   Sun Sep 17, 2017 8:53 pm

I'll start with the most boring, but has the most potential. Swords Man

The idea of this clan only having 2 swords that have a perk is lame and gets old quick. In the anime there wer seven swords to each 1 had a user and each had its own specialty. But in the game you have 5 of these swords in the common shop. Its insulting to my most fav org in show. So lets list the changes that can be done.

1.Some of the the basic jutsus that the clan gets will also need to be tweaked. Such as the mist jutsu. I suggest the user take no dmg while he/she is inside the mist or increase the area of the mist so the user wont be easily hit due to lack of room to move within the mist(the duration of the mist will remain the same as is now). The mist demon aura will only be accessible to Decap sword users, and the water bind will also dmg anyone bind when samehada users use that jutsu(Water sharks swiming inside the bind. That is where the dmg comes from). For every other sword user the bind will remain the same(no dmg) and will most likely be removed from some of the other skill list due to the effect of some of the other swords e.g Kiba. Imagine a bind that holds you long enough to be raped by the effects of a combo based sword.

2. A new sword distribution system, that will allow all the 7SM swords to be used only by swordsmen clan. With this, when a SM spawns he will randomly receive 1 of the seven swords and that sword will have a perk/boost to it (Perks will be listed further down). All the swords will be used and give the clan more fun ways of being used in many new ways, compared to the old way.

3.With the the first point being implemented, all the 7SM swords will be removed from shops so that the swords will remain special and unique. To further enhance the special and unique aspect of the swords, perks and skills will be added to each sword upon spawning with one. I have given a perk for Samahada and Zabuza sword(Can't remember its name) to the owner of game so i'll be giving the perks for the remaining 5 swords.

They are as followed:


As we all know...Its a huge needle...Enough said. So we cant expect much from the perk. I've been pondering on it and came to the conclusion of having an ability to be thrown a distance of 5 tiles with a string effect trailed behind it. The thread will be used as (a.) a trap like setting that will stay behind after the skill has been used for as long as the owner deems worthy and anyone whom walks into the thread will be binded for 3 seconds. The user can use jutsus or attack while the bind is in effect (No delay on jutsus until the bind ends) so in other words you are at the mercy of the user until the bind is over. (b.) Can be used to bind players together along the length of the thread (5 tiles maybe more if yami feels like it) if they are impaled by the weapon skill after use. The same effects from a. will apply but like the anime, the user can sew ppl together. Along with that it has a 1.8x tai boost.


This is my favorite sword of the bunch. As the anime says, it has the ability to crush any defence, be it Armour to protect the body or bone that protects the organs. My idea for this was to have the sword have a percentage chance of landing a crit dmg. The crit dmg would multiply the dmg of the (melee) attack you land by any amount yami pleases, e.g. you do a 1 mil dmg with melee with sword equiped. One has a percentage chance to do a 2x dmg from the crit and the dmg would sum up to 2 mill, 2 times the normal 1 mil. With this, we also add a 1.5x tai boost on equip so that the sword has some buffing properties. The buff may seem less than the others but with the crit dmg implemented, one can do way more (melee) dmg than the others.


This sword is the most "tactical" sword of the bunch. It requires the most skill to operate. My idea for this sword is to have a blast effect with each melee. This would turn the sword melee into a 3 tile wide and 3 tile range in front of the user. The blast effect also adds a fire debuff to anyone hit that will slow them for the duration of the fire and a blast back effect that send the user flying rapidly in the opposite direction that the sword was swung in(the distance of the blast back is up to Yami). Naturally people would see this as OP so I have though of nerfs before hand. Because of this perk, the sword melee will have a cd on it per swing. There will also be a speed nerf to the user, which ensures the user uses all the "skill" he can muster to use the sword effectively. It will also have a buff of 1.6x tai(room for tweaking if yami wanna do so)


Another favorite of mine. The power to wield lightning in you palms. Seems cool right? cheers For this sword I think of having it receive a two slashes per 1 melee along with a paralysis effect that slows the person cut mildly and increases the duration and strength of the paralysis with every successful slash the user lands in a 3 second interval. This is to promote a combo style of fighting with this sword. As for the 2 slashes per melee, it would be rather OP if it did that with normal melee dmg so, I suggest we lower the melee power of anyone wielding those swords to 0.6(maybe 0.7) so that the dmg of the melee does not seem too powerful. Along with that tthe sword gets a lightning aura that buffs the user by 1.6x nin and 1.4x tai given the fact that it is powered by lightning jutsu, so nin buff would be ideal.


This sword is just fun all around. I doubt anyone would have a problem with this sword if they had it. This sword converts 0.5(half) of the user's nin stat into the melee dmg. In order for the sword to do this, it will drain chakra slowly over time much like the mecha naruto shield and as usual, one cant charge while the sword is equipped. In order to remove the hindrance of players switching to inventory to take sword off before they charge, this sword also can be equipped/unequipped from within the Taijutsu tab so it would be easier to macro it as a jutsu. It would also have a knock back effect that sends the person hit with it flying 6 tiles in the direction the user is facing. Because this sword has the nin stat converter, it wont have a buff given to it.
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PostSubject: Re: Clan revamp/SwordsMan   Sun Sep 17, 2017 9:49 pm

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Vendetta Clan

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PostSubject: Re: Clan revamp/SwordsMan   Sun Sep 17, 2017 11:27 pm

cheers Cool
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PostSubject: Re: Clan revamp/SwordsMan   

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Clan revamp/SwordsMan
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