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 Kakuzu Revamp

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PostSubject: Kakuzu Revamp   Kakuzu Revamp I_icon_minitimeSat Dec 16, 2017 5:47 pm

I'm sure of it.....Everyone will reach that point where they used everything and get bored. Why? Cuz Yami keep making the game "Easy Mode" with every update......But fr now......Need to get rid of that buying Secrets thing and have ppl work for the good old days.

Now Back On Topic.

Various clans have been put in the game from way back when. But with every update, each of those clans have either become lame or unusable. I.E. Jashin Clan, Kakuzu. These clans are at the top of my watch list. These clans...No...these Naruto character...for a lack of better word, Bosses. They added a flavour to the series that you couldn't really get from other chars. They were not place holders. *caugh* Sakura *caugh*

They're bad! They're Powerful! They're Undying!

I'm not saying that for kicks. They are...but in the game...not so much, mainly because there were some things yami implemented that contredicted the clans. So without further a due. Lets talk Business.


This clan is by far the most useless in the game. Its main set up is like you using edo. Lets be frank. Why don't you think most don't use edo? The main body is defenseless. So making a clan that can only be used liek that....makes it completely useless. Easy to kill, hard to defend. Back on the older updates, the main body could be teleport ed to the summon point of the demon so it was more easier to defend yourself. Those days are gone though and the people want something new.

My idea is to make it more like the char in the series. He wasn't immortal per say but he had a way to sustain his life. Collecting hearts. With these hearts he could keep living for as long as they can beat. With each heart, he could also collect the chakra nature of the person the heart was stolen from, getting their jutsus as well. Also to make sure people don't lose their hearts too quickly as each heart is needed. After they lose a the user will get 50% hp and 50% chakra on the heart that follows.

It would be based off the danzo principle. Each heart equals a life. Each death looses a heart. Max heart collected is 4, plus the one you spawn with (suiton nature). In total thats five diff chakra natures. You can collect a single chakra nature but that would be stupid. Why? Keep reading.

So the last paragraph talked about the "immortal" aspect of the clan. Now to further utilize that aspect.

Heart Demons

Each heart equals a life and a chakra nature. But if you die, you lose one of them. Having a total of 5 lives. with each heart, one can use a heart demon ability, depending on the chakra nature. Lets check em out people!

Underground Grab:
The user shoves his hand into the ground which travels towards the closest opponent and holds them in place for a set duration.(Works the same way as SM bind so it can be combed with  after used. It doesn't do dmg so that should be fine)

Fire Heart Demon:
The user will summon a heart demon right over himself. This is only a "skin" for the jutsu it releases. You would then release a Fire blast that is 3 tile wide. It also has an elemental effect. It will leave a burn effect on the person hit. The burn will work like amataratsu. But weaker. The burn will last as long as the fire overlay that is on the person hit. So it won't last long but you can stack the burns if the same target is hit multiple times. Seems fun eh? Lets continue.

Water heart Demon:
Works the same as fire in terms of "skin". Only a diff mask colour to represent the water element. (maybe a blue and white mask as the fire is red and white). Same characteristics in terms of 3 tile wide but it hits less dmg as we all know water aint really that powerful. But here is where the fun starts. As fire burns, water soothes. The water effect is simple. It weakens the DR of who ever is hit. This will be called "soak". As a skin for this effect, I ask yami to put in some kind of skin just like the fire where the person hit seems "wet". This effect will lower the DR of the person hit by 2%. It won't last long, much like the burn but it can be stacked. Each hit will raise the DR taken by 2% so its like 2 plus 2 is 4 minus 1 thats 3 quick math! (sorry Big Shaq joke.....thats ong retarded but fun in its own way. Link here if you don't know what I'm talking about- Anyways.....Yea so the reduction scales up the more the person is hit. with lesser and lesser DR the person hit would take more dmg. (quite useful against Akimichi or susano {<.<}({>.>}) and for each time hit, the duration of the effect will reset. lets say it lasts 5 seconds. If the person hit with the skill gets hit again within that 5 seconds, the duration will reset back to 5 and the reduction will increase by 2%.(same for every heart effect except Lightning. you will see why)

Earth Heart Demon:
Same in terms of description. Same set up as water and fire. And comes with an effect. The effect for this one is also made the same. Though it requires no "skin" on the person effected...maybe...... The person hit will be affected by an "concussion". Makes sense no?king  The person hit will be hit in the head by the hard rocks fired and become confused. This will result in their movement being messed up. (inverted controls much liek when medic uses screw nerves on a person) but unlike the other effects of the other elements, this one doesn't last too long. Maybe 2 seconds of confusion. But don't you fret....  The CD on this one is lesser than the other hearts by a few seconds so it can be used slightly more faster. study  

Wind Heart Demon:
Yup. Same as before. Summon, then shoots 3 tile move that has to do with the element. And you guessed it. There is an effect. This one is another fun one. When the person is hit with the jutsu, they become slower. The slow lasts about 4 seconds and stacks. If the same person is hit again within those four seconds, the slow gets resets back to 4 seconds. Talk about airhead!cheers

Lightning Heart Demon:
Yup...same as before. Summon....3 tile projectile....effect. This one is a bit more......different. It doesnt give a lasting effect on the person hit....more along the lines of a sniper shot. You guessed it! Crit effect. The lightning projectile can land crit dmg ad based on you luck, it can be op dmg or slightly stronger than normal. Let me explain. Just like the Kabuto sword SM has. it has a chance to land different crit ranges from 2x dmg to 4x. eg. 2x, 3x, 4x. You have higher chances of landing lower crits like 2x. the higher the crit dmg, the lower the chance of landing it. lets say, 2x has a 50% chance to land and 3x has a 40% chance. 4x will have a 10%chance to land . That way you don't have people having a a high chance to do big dmg all the time.

Elemental release!

Now that we have all the elements out, lets talk about the final front! 5 tile elemental projectile! Yup! I said it! a 5 tile wide projectile, each tile holds its own element and each element has its own effect. Seems op right? Yea...but....The Cd won't be a joke. {<.<}......Cd aside, lets talk about its implementation. The user will summon all five heart demons infront of him. Each of these demons will then shoot out a projectile at the same time of a different chakra nature. But here is the catch. You need 5 different chakra natures to use this move. So no getting one heart element. Even if you get 5 water hearts, it would only come up as 1 tile when you use the move. Each element adds on another tile. Along with that, if you die and lose a heart demon, you lose one of those tiles. So if you lose a heart, good hunting mates! Twisted Evil

Side note: This jutsu would seem like Oro's edo move where they summon 3 edos that fire off a projectile of their chakra nature. Thumbs Up

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Naru Ichimaru

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PostSubject: Re: Kakuzu Revamp   Kakuzu Revamp I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 17, 2017 4:10 am

This is A W right here +1 Great Idea
But for the elemental release, the combination attack it already has right now should suffice
but the change in how to use the clan is on point
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Kakuzu Revamp
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