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 clan improvements.

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PostSubject: clan improvements.   Mon Nov 30, 2015 6:03 am

add poison mist for medics.

add a jiraiya clan with moves like needle jizo, toad mouth bind jutsu, toad oil flame jutsu and rasengan and odama rasengan. katon would be their main element.

ice prison jutsu for yuuki clan and for other players with suiton and futon which would give them the combined element of ice.
or maybe an ice dragon jutsu.

Jibaku Bunshin. Suicide bombing clone for deidara clan.

chidori senbon (needles as used against deidara) for uchihas with ration. 500 chidori uses plus 100 chidori sword uses.

nara clan can now move while using their shadow. the opponent trapped in the shadow will be forced to mimick the jutsu caster's movements like how users follow an edo they summoned.

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clan improvements.
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