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 Updates (Ver.Illusion)

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PostSubject: Updates (Ver.Illusion)   Sun Apr 03, 2016 4:18 pm

Updates (Ver.Illusion)

-Added Tayuya's clan.
-Added Asa Kujaku for Lee's clan.
-Added Poison Shot for Medic's clan.
-Added Implant Eye for Medic's clan.
-Added Implant DNA for Orochimaru's clan.
-Added Phantom Spirit Wave for Tayuya's clan.
-Added Phantom Sound Chains for Tayuya's clan.
-Added Kuchiyose: Edo Tensei for Orochimaru's clan.
-Added Revolt of the Demon World for Tayuya's clan.
-Added Senpou: Chou Oodama Rasengan for Menmas' clan.
-Added Chou Bijuu Rasen Shuriken for the Ashura Mode.
-Added Hakke Hyaku Nijuuhachi Shoo for the Tenseigan.
-Added Mokuton: Mokuryuu no Jutsu for Madara's Rinnegan.
-FC Equipment buffed, but only one can be equipped. Kusarigama acts as a normal weapon.
-You can't boot people from your Village/Org. that have a higher level than yours.
-Namikaze's Steal Kyuubi Chakra jutsu now can be obtained training.
-Korin Shippuu Shikkoku no Ya Zero Shiki uses less chakra now.
-Fuuinjutsu Coins are refunded if you delete your character.
-Madara's last Susanoo stage Yasaka no Magatama buffed.
-Uchiha's Clan now start with Raiton as Second Element.
-Ignore Guild Invites and Whispers options are saved.
-Reverting from Juubi Mode keeps your hair white.
-Ginrin Tensei Baku & Kinrin Tensei Baku buffed.
-Mecha-Naruto's Clan can't bleed or be poisoned.
-True Several Thousand Hands hits faster now.
-Slice Tendons & Screw Nerves range improved.
-Removed an exit from Mugen Tsukuyomi Event.
-Truth Seeking Ball & Nunoboko Sword buffed.
-Changed Health Bar & added Face Icons.
-Disabled some Clans for Fushi Tensei.
-You'll die if you try to fix things.
-You can't steal alts Bijuus anymore.
-Some jutsus can't be used on SZ now.
-Updated Medic's Doujutsu techniques.
-Naruto's Sage Mode Clothes updated.
-Baika no Jutsu now reduces damage.
-Nerfed Enton: Kagutsuchi Sword.
-Updated Sharingan Copy Jutsus.
-Nerfed and added CD to Kamui.
-Added Permanent Subscription.
-Repulsion Technique buffed.
-Nikudan Hari Sensha buffed.
-Getting EMS is easier now.
-Underground Roots buffed.
-Updated Yagai overlay.
-Yagai damage buffed.
-Removed Rebirth 7.
-Fixed bugs.
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Updates (Ver.Illusion)
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