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 Updates (Ver.1.3)

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PostSubject: Updates (Ver.1.3)   Sun Sep 24, 2017 7:54 pm

Updates (Ver.1.3)

-Added Izanami for Itachi's eyes.
-Added SECRET for Inuzuka's clan.
-Added SECRET for Akimichi's clan.
-Added Amaterasu for Menma's clan.
-Added Eat Corpse for Akimichi's clan.
-Added Earth Dragon for Jinton's clan.
-Added Kamui Teleport for Menma's clan.
-Added Berserker Garouga for Akimichi's clan.
-Added Poisoning Air Blades for Akimichi's clan.
-Added Kurama High-speed Punches for Ashura Mode.
-Added Give Full-Kyuubi Chakra for Uzumaki's clan.
-Added Enton: Kagutsuchi(Shield) for Uchiha's clan.
-Hiramekarei removed from Shop and added to Swordsman's clan.
-Dance of the Healing now heals randomly 5% to 30% of your health.
-Removed Take Corpse's Sharingan, now you can get eyes by killing.
-If you don't get the CS, you can get bitten again after some time.
-While using Edo Tensei, the damage taken by your body will be halved.
-Kabutowari removed from Tournament Prizes and added to Swordsman's clan.
-Uzumaki's Special DNA and Uchiha's Special Eyes can be obtained normally now.
-You take no damage inside the Kirigakure no Jutsu mist, and you deal more damage.
-Raiga Swords renamed to Kiba, removed from Shop and added to Swordsman's clan.
-Kirigakure no Kijin is now unlocked with the Kubikiribocho equipped.
-Looking at the Gedo Statue will change your Juubi Mode appearance.
-Certain Doujutsus are activated with Juubi Mode's Eye of the Moon.
-Ninjutsu given by having your Partner(Hatake/Obito) close buffed.
-Nuibari Sword removed from Shop and added to Swordsman's clan.
-Participating in war and winning gives you Fuuinjutsu Coins.
-Screw & Slice Nerves merged into Chakra Scalpel's attack.
-Fuuton: Rasen Shuriken & Yoton: Rasen Shuriken buffed.
-Swordsman's clan increases damage done with weapons.
-Karamatsu no Mai now reduces some ninjutsu damage.
-Current Event information is shown after joining.
-All secrets requirements made easier to obtain.
-Added the Shibuki Sword for Swordsman's clan.
-Equipment Packs 1&2 clothing stats adjusted.
-Clay Bird(Transport) attack range increased.
-Adjusted hud position while using Byakugan.
-Fixed bug where save file could be deleted.
-Danzo's can now store up to 10 Sharingans.
-Enton Kagutsuchi(Sword) projectile buffed.
-Crow's Sharingan lost can be prevented.
-The Bijuudama creates an explosion now.
-Shikigami no Mai: Full Scatter buffed.
-Screwed Nerves won't make you faster.
-Earth Kajugan now has a bigger range.
-Danzo's Clan can now store more eyes.
-Jashin's Scythe now can deal damage.
-Shikigami no Mai: Punishment buffed.
-You can now hide the reboot-timer.
-Shark Mode now takes less damage.
-Shikigami no Mai: Scatter buffed.
-Jashin's Self Harm is now random.
-Konoha Senpu now heals the user.
-Puppet Mode Flamethrower buffed.
-Butterfly Bullet Bombing buffed.
-Removed Suiton Bunshin no Jutsu.
-Tessenka no Mai: Tsuru buffed.
-Adjusted name over character.
-Updated Health & Chakra HUD.
-Added effect when attacking.
-Shield of Shukaku buffed.
-Events occur more often.
-Bijuus spawn more often.
-Teleport Chidori buffed.
-Insect Gathering nerfed.
-Parasitic Insect nerfed.
-Fixed Auto-Tournament.
-Paper Shuriken buffed.
-Kyuubi Blaster buffed.
-Paper Feathers buffed.
-Adjusted Reboot Timer.
-NPC's stats increased.
-Indra's Arrow buffed.
-Paper Chakram buffed.
-Inuzuka's dog buffed.
-Scythe Heral buffed.
-Added a tab for war.
-Sword Throw removed.
-Curse Seals buffed.
-Puppet Mode buffed.
-Paper Wings buffed.
-Items Shop updated.
-Earth Fist buffed.
-Adjusted Missions.
-Gedo Mazo buffed.
-Eye Scope buffed.
-Fixed black skin.
-Fixed more bugs.
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Updates (Ver.1.3)
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