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PostSubject: Suggestions   Suggestions I_icon_minitimeThu Dec 24, 2015 2:27 am

Puppeteer changes:
Poison needs to be a thing. Like a Damage over time for a few seconds or something.
Give the poison to the Akahigi Puppets to diversify them from the Chikamatsu Puppets but make the Chikamatsu Puppets have a higher HP and higher damage multiplier. Also use the poison as Karasu's poison instead of just a regular attack.

Give the Mother and Father Puppets Chakra Shield. Each one has an individual shield that makes them invincible(to block attacks) but it drains chakra while in use.

Aburame Clan:

Parasitic Destruction Insect Technique: Aburame clan members host various insects inside their body and can use them both offensively and defensively.
Three types of insects can be stored in the hosts body.

Kikaichu: Drains chakra when used on target.
Kidaichu: Does damage over time when used on the target.
Rinkaichu: Does damage over time on target. Doesnt end till target is dead or user makes it stop.(Secret Req)

An opponent can only have 4 bugs on them at any time and aburames can only produce 6 bugs at a time(10 second cooldown after the 6th is produced)

Insect Clone Technique: User produces a solid clone made of insects to fight along side them. Requires 4 of the same insect to be produced and uses all 4 of them to make the clone. If the clone is destroyed by a close range attack all 4 of that insect are placed on the person who destroyed it.

Secret Technique: Insect Sphere: Requires 6 bugs of the same type the user sends out a sphere towards the enemy. If hit the enemy is stunned by the bugs and they attack. The bugs used determine what kind of attack it does.

Elemental Suggestion:

Having any two elements gives you access to a few of the combined nature transformations.

Wind + Water: Hyoton Techniques: Hissatsu Hyoso(small AOE of ice spears surround the user.) Hyoton:Hyogan Domu(Ice dome appears to protect user. Has hp equal to user.)

Earth + Fire: Yoton Techniques: Yoton:Sekkaigyo no Jutsu(Shoots a ball of quicklime that does damage and slows movements if hit.) Yoton:Sakugaikoken(User coats fists in lava then punches forwards. If connects it does good tai damage. It also does half damage two tiles ahead of the user.)

Lightning + Water: Ranton Techniques: Ranton:Reiza Sakasu(User shoots out a few homing lasers for nin damage. User cannot move while firing this jutsu and it takes a second to start up.) Ranton: Raiunkuha(User creates a thunder cloud to surround them. If an enemy gets close they take damage while in the clouds area.)

Fire + Water: Futton Techniques: Funsuiken(User releases steam from the body to charge at an opponent. Propels the user forward and if it connects does tai damage and knocks back target.) Fungokaku(User kicks target with a steam erupting foot. Does nin and tai damage as well as a knockback.)

Earth + Lightning: Bakuton Techniques: Bakuton: Bakuhatsu Shimasu(creates a small explosion in front of the user. Dissapates any jutsu in the area of the explosion.) Bakuton: Jiraiken(User punches opponent them makes an explosion from the opponent. Does tai and nin damage and throws the enemy backwards.)

Fire + Wind: Sakuton Techniques: Sakuton: Kajosatsu(User creates three flaming orbs around their body. If an enemy gets close they take nin based damage and one orb is used up. Once all the orbs are gone the jutsu can be reused.) Sakuton: Fereatekunikku no Jutsu(user combines remaining flaming orbs to create a big orb that is thrown at opponent and explodes in an aoe dealing nin damage. Number of orbs determines damage and size of the AOE.)

Wind + Earth: Jiton Techniques: Satetsu Shigure(User uses the iron in the ground to throw tiny iron needles at the target. The jutsu throws them in a straight line for nin damage but the technique is hard to see(very small pixels used for the icon)) Satetsu Kaiho(User creates a growing expansion of iron branches. The user cannot move while the technique is being used but can stop the technique by using the jutsu again. The branches deal damage if touched while growing and block terrain when not. They have a set Hp and can be destroyed.)

I'm sure some of this has been suggested before(honestly didn't look) but this is my take on it. Might add some more suggestions here later If I think of anything.
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PostSubject: Re: Suggestions   Suggestions I_icon_minitimeThu Dec 24, 2015 2:58 am

Cool Nice
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