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 Elemental Re-vamp and Elemental Fusion

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Elemental Re-vamp and Elemental Fusion Empty
PostSubject: Elemental Re-vamp and Elemental Fusion   Elemental Re-vamp and Elemental Fusion I_icon_minitimeFri Jul 24, 2015 10:17 am

Elemental Mastery

Elemental Mastery will be based on the users uses of the element

Katon already is a perfect example of this

Suiton Suikoudan can amass more sharks

Fuuton Renkuudan can become a much larger blast and actually knock back the targets

and so on.

Elemental Fusions

Elemental fusions will require you to have mastered both the required elements.

Mokuton rarity

Mokuton suiton fused with doton can create mokuton release.
the requirement is to obtain a senju dna transplant (the user will get lesser versions of the mokuton as they are not a true senju)

Lava Release:

Katon and Doton fused makes laval release
Flower Fruit Mountain

User creates a volcanoe massive damage and shield breaker
3x nin damage

Storm Release:

Suiton fused with Raiton

Laser Circus

User blinds the foe for a long duration of time gen based

Magnet Release

Fuuton fused with Doton

Iron sand
spawns iron sand around the user

Iron Sand Drizzle
fires projectile iron sand at target
1.4x damage
Iron Sand Spear

User creates a spear like projectile that does massive damage
2.5x nin damage

Gold dust

Gold Dust Tsunami
spawns a giant wave of gold dust leaving the enemy stunned
1.4 x damage

Gold Dust Pyramid

must have target enveloped in gold dust tsunami
user is trapped and buried in a pyramid

Gold Crush

User crushes the target when it is stunned in gold dust tsunami

To Be Continued
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Elemental Re-vamp and Elemental Fusion
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