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 Clans Re-Vamp for Yami

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PostSubject: Clans Re-Vamp for Yami   Clans Re-Vamp for Yami I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 29, 2015 8:28 pm

Namikaze update

Hiriashin lvl 2

places a permanant tag on the target enabling the user to teleport to them at need be any time
with hirashin level 2 until that user relogs

Sprial flash howl dance

The user teleports directly behind the target and slashes them with their kunai

Odama Rasengan

A much more powerful rendition of Rasengan consumes a bit more chakra

Hiraishing guiding thunder

can take any jutsu projectile thrown at the user and throw it else where

once successfully absorbed into a black hole the user can click around any area to send that object to the desired location.


Mind Transfer no jutsu

the user takes control of the targets body leaving their body vulnerable

Self harm
when in mind transfer no jutsu the user can choose to harm the target but also receives damage

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Clans Re-Vamp for Yami
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