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 Rebirth and justsus for Rikudou

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Rebirth and justsus for Rikudou Empty
PostSubject: Rebirth and justsus for Rikudou   Rebirth and justsus for Rikudou I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 08, 2015 5:59 am

Yo, Bosha here

I got sum ideas, REBIRTH is one of them. Like in blind souls you get to rebirth when you are a certain lvl
When you get to that level you keep all of your stats and clan jutsus, But you get to get an extra clan and a new stat cap. For example, You are uchiha you reach lvl 15000, You have to rebirth, You can pick a different clan such as rikudou or hyuga
You keep sharingan and all of your stats you had before, but you also get Rinnegan or Byakugan based on which one those 2 clans you picked. Obviously you can add or take some clans from that list. Also there should be a choice where if you don't want a different clan, you can stay the same. but you still have to rebirth.

Rikudou jutsus-
Animal summoning jutsus- Demon dogs, Panda, and Bird
Demon Dogs- just like Bunshin but its a Giant Dog with rinnegan eyes (Look all of these up if u want)
U can control where it goes like a bunshin

Panda- U summon a panda and it creates a shock wave that hits anyone in the radius

Bird- Rideable bird dawg, It increases speed that's all I can think it would do since it obviously cant fly

Different six paths summonings
- Just like in the anime you can summon all of the paths at once. I just think it would be cool, Thats paths would be EXACTLY like bunshins just get boosts and more dmg then regular ones. There is no point is using the Six path justu now since you just get more moves fighting as yourself.

Asura path moves-

Enma Self Heal- Summons the Giant enma head that Asura path has when you use the move and heals you

Enma Team heal-Summons the giant enma head Asura path uses and heals your team or ur village or what every you want to do with it

Enma Gates of hell- Sucks people into a diffrent dimension and kills them slowly like Kamui dimension

Perta Path moves-

Ninjutsu Absorbtion- Absorbs all ninjutsu attacks and regens your own chakara when moves are absorbed.

Naraka path moves-

Homing missile- Missile homing Just a missle, that follows a player

Missile Scatter- Missiles that scatter in diffrent directions and hit players

Thanks for reading this and I hope you use some of my ideas

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Rebirth and justsus for Rikudou
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