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 Some Suggestions To Futher The Game

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PostSubject: Some Suggestions To Futher The Game   Some Suggestions To Futher The Game I_icon_minitimeMon Mar 02, 2015 6:42 am

Okay let me start off and say i do not hate the game..fact i feel the game has Alot of potential..however imma be honest the game right now feels like a mess that dosent really know where it is going.

- First of the pvp in this atrocious , no balance in battles what so ever nothing but op jutsus (kamui) and ohko all over the place. I can predict that this comes from the training system which is what i will get into later , i feel the pvp system would benefit from just reworking alot (if not all) of the jutsu`s damage output codes.

- The Mangekyo system....this system has a great concept..but its current execution of it is piss poor and the trade off seems a little wonky..what do i works like this. 1. Hit a log 2.turn on sharingan and keep it on 3. See someone die 4. Profit. i feel there should be more of a challenge to well..a type of mini quest in a way (maybe actually giving the uchiha tablet more then one use)

- The chance you can be born with a bijuu..remove it..get rid of it..instead replace it with like bijuus attacking the village and whoever seals it into them gets it after k.oing it or something (or a % chance at whoever kills it either one works).

- Amaterasu needs to be redone icon wise and tech wise it should be like a turf and anyone who steps in it gets DOT

- Rinbo: Hekgoku also needs to be feels..half assed

- Training...Okay here`s where the main problem comes when it comes to too damn easy..First off the whole nin gen log system should be removed and replaced with a stat point in each time u level you get like 5 stat points and then you invest in w/e stat you feel fits your  character so this way Alot of the pvp could be balanced out.

thats all i can think of for now but long story short these are sorta important things that should be addressed to make the game more balanced and fun..if you cant do all of this or dont know how to perhaps you need to hire another programmer?

P.S. to those who may ask "how do you know what your talking about" ive been programming on byond for over 4 years and have worked on numerous of games such as NTFB , NFF , ROTP(pre alpha) as well as created 3 successful games in the past so i know what im talking about..again i`m not hating on the game it has potential..but potential means jack shit if u cant capitalize it correctly.
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Some Suggestions To Futher The Game
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