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 --Uchiha Guide--

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Uchiha Clan

It's the main eye of the Uchihas, you can get it by training with logs, after that, you can unlock variety of stages.
There are 3 stages:
-Sharingan 1 tomoe
You unlock it once you get your sharingan
--Uchiha Guide-- Shar_111
-Sharingan 2 tomoe
You need to get 50% Mastery to unlock this stage
--Uchiha Guide-- Shar_210
-Sharingan 3 tomoe
You need to get 100% Mastery to unlock this stage
--Uchiha Guide-- Shar_310
-Copy Technique

Mangekyou Sharingan
To get the Mangekyou Sharingan you need to see the dead of an Uchiha.
Depending on the type of Mangekyou you unlock, you'll get different kind of techniques.
Be carefull! If you use your Mangekyou alot, you can get blind

Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan
--Uchiha Guide-- Ems10

Sasuke gets Sharinnegan not rinnegan

Secondary Techniques

-Chidori Nagashi
You need 150 chidori uses
--Uchiha Guide-- Chidor10

-Chidori Sword
You need 300 chidori uses and 100 chidori nagashi uses
--Uchiha Guide-- Chidor11
-Chidori Sword Extend

You need 500 chidori uses
--Uchiha Guide-- Kirin10
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--Uchiha Guide--
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