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PostSubject: In Game Moderators   In Game Moderators I_icon_minitimeWed Jan 02, 2019 1:01 am

So as of late I've noticed people getting out of control or needing help from a GM or the owner when he isn't around. Which is understandable he cant be around at all times, but Just today ive noticed someone make at least 2 different characters just to harass someone in chat and avoid being blocked by people so they can continue to talk.

I'm not requesting or demanding i be made GM, if the position is available i do have experience, and will happily apply. But what i am saying is we need GMs who are on almost all the time so that these things don't happen, it ruins the community and doesn't set a good example for new players for what they can expect in the game. Most players are just trying to have fun, but then you get the ones like this who come in and just have to take it upon themselves to give someone a hard time and ruin it for people.

Yami i understand your a busy guy but we need someone who can take care of issues like this when they arrive. I also appreciate the time you and your team take to read this post. Thank you for your time.
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