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 Halkals new player guide

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PostSubject: Halkals new player guide   Halkals new player guide I_icon_minitimeFri Dec 21, 2018 4:34 am


I decided to create this guide as most of the other ones seemed quite out of date, this won't be done all at once since i myself am a newb. If you want to contribute anything please feel free to dm me on byond, discord or on here. With that, let's begin:

Character Creation

So, you've hit the new file button, and you've got some options to chose from. The only really important one in my opinion is clans, so please chose what you want. I may add some clan info in the future, but probably not any full on guides.

After Creation

You've just created your new character, ready to take on the world, and as you made your character you received a demon! Or maybe an element or two? Sweet!

Demons can be sorted into two different stat boosts, Hachibi (tai), Yonbi (tai), Shicibi (gen) and every other demon as (nin). You can master these demons by talking to the sailor at the very easy of leaf, past Madara.

Now, there are two things you want to do as soon as you've created a character. Say hello in OOC, and to get training.

At this point, you only have one chance. Go to your local dojo, and get to level 2 by attacking the dummies. Once you reach level 2, you can continue on dummies, or you can start attacking players to get exp. Do either until level 10-15, and you will be strong enough to tackle the first set of npcs in Leaf cave (to the west of leaf), the level 15 dragons. Once you get to level 20, you can continue leveling, to your student cap of level 100, or attend the genin exam.

From this point, training wise it's a very simple path, train, get rank requirements, enter tournaments and events, and whatnot. So without further ado, I will go onto some other bits and bobs.


Student - Rank you automatically start as. Capped at level 100.
Genin - Requires level 20, and to pass a genin test. Get a headband. Capped at level 200.
[Will add more once i find out about caps]

Elemental Jutsus

So, you've probably done a few missions at this point, and discovered your first/second element by buying a chakra card from the shop. Most elements contain at least one masterable jutsu, so I'd suggest mastering it for a PvP advantage. Some clans actually require this to access some pretty cool jutsus.

There are even elemental fusions in this game, and I will actually describe them a bit here just as a quick point of reference.

Hyoton- Nin based, it's pretty cold.
Mokuton - Senjus automatically attain this.
Yoton - Regarded as one of the best purely due to Lava Armor, reduces damage taken heavilly.
Bakuton - Nin based, seems to change your attacks to be nin based.
Ranton - Do not currently know much about this.


You've probably noticed that every 10 levels after level 10, you get a random seal of random rarity. This is almost like an equipment system. To access these seals, go to your action tab, and click on Seals.

From this pop-up, you can see that there are 4 sections (and mass-break but we'll ignore that for a very good while). There four sections include; Head, Body, Arms, and Legs.

Clicking on each seal will allow you to choose between checking stats, and breaking it. Checking the stats is pretty self-explanatory, and breaking destroys it.

Now, you may be thinking to yourself "Halkal, but I just gained an uncommon one? What?!", well there are various rarities of seals, each one harder to attain - Common, uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary. Obviously, the higher the rarity the better generally.


Now, by this point of the guide you've either played for a bit, or my charming guide is keeping you entertained somehow. You've probably seen a few reboots, some events and tournaments pop-up. Now, these can reward you in Fuuinjutsu Coins or cosmetics.

You've probably also seen that Fuuinjutsu Coins are able to be gained by donations, but by attending these vents and tournaments you'll be gaining them in no time.

As a further note, in events and tournaments everyone is scaled to roughly the same level, so even if you're level 10 against the Akatsuki Leader, you have a (small) chance.

Additional Notes

Thank you to Yami and Lucian Vrayne for some information.

If any information is missing or incorrect, or you want something to be added, please either reply or send me a message on here or discord.
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Halkals new player guide
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