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 Update (Ver.1.9)

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PostSubject: Update (Ver.1.9)   Update (Ver.1.9) I_icon_minitimeTue Dec 18, 2018 10:47 pm

Updates (Ver.1.9)

-Secrets revealed! Now they are harder to obtain instead. Check jutsus guide for more info.
-Added: Bakuton Element.
-Added: Tenpenchii for the Eye of the Moon.
-Added: Magen: Kasegui for the Uchiha Clan.
-Added: Uzumaki Barrage for the Uzumaki Clan.
-Added: Landmine Fist for the Bakuton Element.
-Added: Exploding Palm for the Bakuton Element.
-Added: Katon: Gouka Messhitsu for the Uchiha Clan.
-Weights now give some more experience when attacking.
-Juuin can't take levels anymore inside Tournaments, Chuunins or Events in general.
-Hakke Rokujuuyon Shoo and variant now makes the enemies slower. CD lowered. Range increased.
-Increased Teleport Chidori tiles. Nerfed damage. Increased Chakra usage.
-If you die while doing an Event, you respawn outside the Event Area.
-Tayuya's flute now changes basic attack calculation to Genjutsu.
-Added an option to choose your Sharingan eye from the beginning.
-Juuin jutsus can't be used on Tournaments or Events anymore.
-Now your character becomes slightly red if you are bleeding.
-You take less damage while using Tessenka no Mai: Hana.
-Rinne Tensei now is only usable on yourself.
-Dojo Training is now saved after Rebirth.
-Lowered Mission requirements for Ranks.
-Block Whispers changed to Block Player.
-Juuin Art: Light now confuses enemies.
-Tsukuyomi's damage slightly nerfed.
-Caves now show recommended levels.
-Added Mass Break option for Seals.
-Hagoromo's Reincarnation nerfed.
-Shinra Tensei now ends faster.
-Hakke Kuushoo now has 3 tiles.
-Toneri's Reincarnation buffed.
-Chakra Scalpel attack buffed.
-Puppet Mode boost increased.
-C0: Definitive Art nerfed.
-Hiruko now boosts stats.
-Amaterasu damage buffed.
-Improved intro cutscene.
-Fixed more bugs.
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Update (Ver.1.9)
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