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 Updates (Ver.1.8)

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PostSubject: Updates (Ver.1.8)   Updates (Ver.1.8) I_icon_minitimeTue Dec 11, 2018 8:44 pm

Updates (Ver.1.Cool
-Added: Fukusu Rasenringu for Menma.
-Added Dojo Sensei NPC. Train and boost your Taijutsu, Ninjutsu and Genjutsu.
-Added the Rebirth System. You will be able to recreate your character with some bonuses.
-Now several elemental jutsus deal more damage when they reach a certain ammount of uses.
-Tessenka no Mai: Hana now has 3 tiles, but you won't be able to change the direction.
-Poison, bleed and burn damage now have fixed percent damage in balanced battles.
-Juubi's Eye of the Moon now give more jutsus from your respective clan.
-God of Shinobi poisition is now reset in case of long inactivity.
-Truth Seeking Ball now has a cooldown, but uses less chakra.
-Paper Spear now has 3 tiles. Decreased its damage slightly.
-Gedo Mazo's Chakra Blast is now used with default attack.
-Dummies built by players now have more resistance.
-Chakra Blast damage increased. Cooldown decreased.
-Bijuu Claw renamed to Bijuu Claws. Added 1 tile.
-Several Rasengan-like jutsus damage increased.
-Banned some jutsus from certain Events.
-Chakra Rosary Scatter damage increased.
-Poisoning Air Blades damage increased.
-Kokuangyo no Jutsu now has a cooldown.
-Ashura Mode Ninjutsu boost increased.
-Mouse tracking jutsus respond faster.
-Adjusted Cave NPC's levels and stats.
-Nikudan Hari Sensha damage increased.
-Kinrin Tensei Baku damage increased.
-Dimension jutsus now have a timer.
-Kamui Shurikens damage increased.
-Sawarabi no Mai damage increased.
-Nunoboko Sword damage increased.
-Raiton: Shiden damage increased.
-Dai Rasenringu damage increased.
-Chidori Sword damage increased.
-Paper Tornado damage increased.
-Shinra Tensei damage increased.
-Unstable Juubi buff increased.
-Flaming Arrow now has 2 tiles.
-Teshi Sendan damage increased.
-Hidden Snake damage increased.
-Suna Tsunami damage increased.
-Paper Chakram now has 4 tiles.
-Blade Dance damage increased.
-Fixed bugs.
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Updates (Ver.1.8)
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