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 Village Elder, Village Benefits.

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Village Elder, Village Benefits.  Empty
PostSubject: Village Elder, Village Benefits.    Village Elder, Village Benefits.  I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 18, 2018 10:20 pm

The village elder people. The one npc that you can buy boosts for the village from. Everyone has been talking about increasing the training/levels you get from leveling up. Well, why not implement something that everyone in the village can benefit from but also have to work towards. You just get the ryo for it and go to the village elder when you want to deposit the ryo and then once it has the amount for a certain boost pack, you can buy it and activate it for that village.

Each village would have the same type of boosts so that way you don't have to go to one village and then switch to another cause that certain village doesn't have the same boost.

Village Boost Pack 1-EXP/LEVELS=Increases all Exp by 1.
Village Boost Pack 2-EXP/LEVELS=Increases all Exp by 2.
Village Boost Pack 3-EXP/LEVELS=Increases all Exp by 3. (MAX boost for EXP.)

Village Boost Pack 1-ATTACK/DEFENSE=Increase all AT/DF by 5%.
Village Boost Pack 2-ATTACK/DEFENSE=Increase all AT/DF by 10%.
Village Boost Pack 3-ATTACK/DEFENSE=Increase all AT/DF by 15%. (Max Boost for Attack/Defense.)(Does not mess with War boosts.)

Village Boost Pack 1-RYO GAIN=Increase all Ryo by 20%.
Village Boost Pack 2-RYO GAIN=Increase all Ryo by 35%.
Village Boost Pack 3-RYO GAIN=Increase all Ryo by 50%. (Max Boost for Ryo) (Does not affect Bounties)
The list could go on, Regens, Stats, FC earnings, cost reductions etc.

Each boost would not be easy to get and the whole village would have to work together to come up with the ryo to buy the packs.

Village boost pack 1- 50,000,000. Village Boost Pack 2-100,000,000. Village Boost Pack 3-250,000,000. (Could also put ryo back into the fc shop as well)

This would also increase the things to do instead of just training.

You wouldn't be able to jump from village to village and stack the boosts. It would be the village that you were born in.

I feel this would increase the level of play that people tend to steer away from. Alot of people I read on the game talk about the leveling system being slow or too hard.  
But this way the village would be able to assist more with new people and people who are having troubles leveling. Also I feel it would make people stay in villages instead of jumping around.
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Village Elder, Village Benefits.
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