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 FC Addition

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PostSubject: FC Addition   FC Addition I_icon_minitimeFri Dec 22, 2017 8:04 pm

So as we have all come to know after a certain point our FC becomes useless in a sense. My suggestion is to add some RNG(Random chance) to the FC shop. I believe a new line of outfits should be added with varying boosts depending on how rare the odds of getting the specific outfit would be. We could even have certain outfits give a single jutsu if it is equipped. The goal behind this suggestion is to solve the issue of our "Capped FC Expense". I recommend setting the price per attempt to 5 FC and a second option set to 50 FC for 11 tries.

Example Tier Bonus-

D-Rank: .5x stats(no jutsu)(55% Drop rate)
C-Rank: .65x stats(no jutsu)(25% Drop rate)
B-Rank: .75x stats(Jutsu)(12.5% Drop rate)
A-Rank: .95x stats(Jutsu)(5% Drop rate)
S-Rank: 1.15x stats(Clan Unique Jutsu)(2.5% Drop rate)
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FC Addition
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