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 Kirinstream(Tyrant)'s Application

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Kirinstream(Tyrant)'s Application Empty
PostSubject: Kirinstream(Tyrant)'s Application   Kirinstream(Tyrant)'s Application I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 30, 2017 2:16 pm


IGN: Tyrant(Rai/OmniSlash/Reign)

Age: 24

Time Zone:CST

Available: 8pm-5am CST 12pm-12am(Varies)

Position Applying: Administrator

Qualifications: I've moderated on several byond games (Inuyasha:Never Ending battle, The World:Fragment, Several DU Servers, Various BSoC Rips) in all of my time on byond. I have no reason to even fall to corruption given my already abundant FC as most my time is spent doing nothing but remaking to fine-tune builds and just generally explore each clan's capabilities.

Closing: I've spent quite the chunk of my time on this game and I could say with absolute confidence that being able to assist this game from a staff-like position would do nothing more than give my game time spent on here all the more purpose in which it was spent and will continue to be spent on here.
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Kirinstream(Tyrant)'s Application
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