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 True Yellow Flash Mode **SECRET**

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PostSubject: True Yellow Flash Mode **SECRET**   True Yellow Flash Mode **SECRET** I_icon_minitimeSun Oct 29, 2017 1:59 am

Alright lets get started on this.

A secret for the Namikaze Clan called True Yellow Flash Mode, You get each ability like Minato. for kunai's you can place more than 5 kunai's but less than 13. Anywhere around the map and when you click teleport to Kunai it asks you "Where would you like to teleport to?" and to tell you where your kunai's are it says "Around Leaf, Around Mist, Left of Leaf, Right of Mist, etc" (those are just examples) and if you place it in a village it tells you its in a Village. Now for chakra mode your instant movement jutsu goes faster, your sage mode gets limited though, so you cant use it for more than 10-15 minutes like in the anime. and for Marking, you mark players, and you can choose if you'd like to teleport them to any of your kunai's or you can choose to teleport them to infront of a safe zone or just to a village. And they should also get Bijuu Claw, and one the bijuu claw or themselves touches a person they can teleport them. Because Minato said before "I can't teleport anything that Myself, or Chakra isn't touching directly." True Yellow Flash Mode(TYFM) users should also be able to give people Chakra, not just for Uzumaki. Also be able to summon shadow clones and mark them and switch places with them. And when 2 Flying Raijin users mark eachother they can switch places. Reaper Death Seal that actually takes the Bijuu (Not Really Needed But sure!)

And if the player is unlocking the secret and not buying it they must have KYUUBI

Edit: You only can teleport outside sz

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True Yellow Flash Mode **SECRET**
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