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 New Mission/Village Reforms

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Naru Ichimaru

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PostSubject: New Mission/Village Reforms   Thu Oct 26, 2017 1:56 am

Take note before i begin that this is just a suggestion @Eccentric Players
The idea of this is to create a more productive gameplay and more to do during and after capping, instead of waiting for the few events per reboot. I'll begin by saying alot of players are unsatisfied with the logs, while other players are content with it we can find a middle ground.
Mission, unlike the ones we currently have these will take place in the open world, Missions will range from D-S rank. For EXAMPLE D ranks would include Inside Village Patrol, Catching a dog, And retrieval quests e.g herbs, materials. C ranks escort mission, package delivery (outside of village) B ranks would be Npc Assinations, A-S rank would be npc assination and player assinations with higher levels ranks.
Doing these missions would have a noticeable more advantage and exp/level gain than just using logs, you can then put into the desired stats. The rewards would increase depending on the higher rank a mission is, along with the stat points/levels you will also recieve an amount of Money/Ryo. The whole point of this is to reward player activity than just using logs being bored.
Doing Missions will also increase the Village Standings of your village, the village that reaches 100 village standings will recieve a boosts in training though this will only last for 30 minutes and at then end of the 30 minutes the standing is resseted and the village earns a Ranking Point, a village can lose Standings by its members being killed by an opposing village, the village that killed, will then recieve the amount of standings that the forementioned vill lost. The amount of standing lost is increased if the player is high ranked e.g a Kage being killed will be worth 5 (VS) Npcs however will be worth the same as Genin. So for example If i am a Sand Shinobi and I were to kill the Hokage, the Leaf would lost 5 VS where as Sand would gain 5 VS, so the ways you can gain Village Standings are killing enemy ninja and completing missions. The amount of VS will vary upon ranks of missions and players etc.
This would also tie in with my previous ranks suggestion, to prevent kages from just giving out high ranks to underserving players due to the cost of losing VS being higher the rank you are. During the 30 minute celebration increase exp gain, other villages won't be able to enter the winner's village, this will serve as a ongoing event that never ends put is apart of the game.
Kages will also be able to give out mission to their Anbu,also the Anbu Commander will have the same power, but the Commands would be restricted too Kill> Player, so this would serve as a bounty hunt making the fable anbu the hunter nin they are suppose to be. With every mission done a percentage of the money earned is put into the village treasury which can then be used to buy defenses for the village, stronger Npcs to defend the village, the pay for Anbu missions that are given by the KAGE (Not regular mission) will also be coming from the village Treasury to prevent abuse of this feature there will also be a definite number that a Kage/Anbu Commander can assign these mission per reboot. Kages will also be able to give missions to Sannin such as killing and Org Member, and Spying on a village, Spying on a village will work just as patrolling your own village but just someone else's. (Will be edited if i remember the abundance of information that i let slip while writing this, if anyone has question please reply)

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PostSubject: Re: New Mission/Village Reforms   Mon Oct 30, 2017 3:29 am

My fucking god yes...This seriously needs to happen.
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New Mission/Village Reforms
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