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 New Arena System

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Naru Ichimaru

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New Arena System Empty
PostSubject: New Arena System   New Arena System I_icon_minitimeTue Oct 24, 2017 4:02 am

After capping, finding the bijuus, getting juubi, then becoming the Kaguya God, I found myself constantly asking "What Now?". This is an idea I thought of due to the recent increase with players doing it, the Arena challenges are a much popular thing now and with this we can use is to expand the game. Encouraging player to pvp more we can have Arenas where battles can be fought in 1v1,2v2,or 3v3, winning these battles will award you with points that you can use in the "Arena Store", to balance this and make sure this is not abused to receive points for defeating a player they must be within 500 levels relative to your own level. Using Arena points(AP) you can then buy rewards after collecting a certain amount, you should earn 5 points per battle and rewards range from costing 1000+ another feature to make sure this is not abused(can be lowered, or increased by your discretion @Admins) Some ideas of prizes could be a Necklace that lowers chakra cost, increases defense, increases movement speed, increases attack speed, increase crit chance etc. things that affect you skill wise more than just giving a item that increases your stats. Only one necklace can be worn at a time. (These are just ideas of what the rewards could be)

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New Arena System
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