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 RANKS! Kages, Sannins, Anbu, Jounin, Chunnin,Gennin

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RANKS! Kages, Sannins, Anbu, Jounin, Chunnin,Gennin Empty
PostSubject: RANKS! Kages, Sannins, Anbu, Jounin, Chunnin,Gennin   RANKS! Kages, Sannins, Anbu, Jounin, Chunnin,Gennin I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 23, 2017 11:57 pm

With Ranks their is much to be desired, it's as if after achieving jounin there is nothing to look forward to, first I would begin by saying the need to fix Leader Challenges, a leader challenge should on be available after 2-3 reboots, as of now players are just spamming it over and over the kages who defended their spot deserve a breather so a time limit should be placed on the amount of times you can challenge a leader per day, Next we move on to leaders who log out to avoid challenges, for this we should add a remove Kage button that requires 5 players to vote yes for a kage to be removed due to inactivity or leader challenge avoiding, abusing this would result in high punishment the player names who voted will be recorded just to keep track of who and when so this is enforced. Next is Sannin, Anbu, Jounin, One would have one of these ranks AND the 100 required kills before being able to challenge a Kage, but these ranks are also not "Sannin and Anbu " in particular have no incentive to them, these ranks should give a small boost when giving these ranks or a larger cap, the boosts is more viable just incase the person is stripped of their rank, a similar thing can be done for Orgs as well
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RANKS! Kages, Sannins, Anbu, Jounin, Chunnin,Gennin
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