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 Updates (Ver.1.2)

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PostSubject: Updates (Ver.1.2)   Mon Sep 12, 2016 12:23 am

Updates (Ver.1.2)

-Added Jinton clan.
-Added Hirudora for Lee's clan.
-Added Flamethrower for Puppet Mode.
-Added Earth Fist for Jinton's clan.
-Added Fly Ability for Konan's clan.
-Added Iron Sand Winds for Puppet Mode.
-Added Earth Kajugan for Jinton's clan.
-Added Summoning: Log for Medic's clan.
-Added Floating Notes for Tayuya's clan.
-Added Cubical Variant for Jinton's clan.
-Added Earth Rock Wall for Jinton's clan.
-Added Blade Dance for Orochimaru's clan.
-Added Fuuton: Shinkuha for Danzo's clan.
-Added Earth Hand Crush for Jinton's clan.
-Added Six Paths Raikiri for Hatake's clan.
-Added Elemental Release for Kakuzu's clan.
-Added Give Kyuubi Chakra for Uzumaki's clan.
-Added Yoton: Yogan Gurobu for Yoton Element.
-Added Yoton Combined Element (Katon + Doton).
-Added Explosive Tags Gathering for Nara's clan.
-Added Bijuudama Cannon for Mecha-Naruto's clan.
-Added Great Flash Rasengan for Namikaze's clan.
-Added Wood Needle for Senju's and Danzo's clan.
-Added Giant Vanishing Rasengan for Uzumaki's clan.
-Added Phoenix Strike for Uzumaki's & Hyuuga's clans.
-Added Detachment of the Primitive World for Jinton's clan.
-Added Bijuu Claw for all Bijuu Forms (Excluding Full Mode).
-Danzo's now can store up to 25 Sharingans (Orochimaru's up to 15).
-You are now able to change direction while charging the Bijuudama.
-Puppet Mode reworked. You don't control puppets in this mode.
-Tsukuyomi, Kobo and Kokuangyo now affect players around you.
-You take less damage while using Garouga, Gatenga or Tsuuga.
-Ashura Mode now recovers more HP and Chakra every second.
-Bansho Tenin now does some damage to close players.
-Fuse Bodies (Artificial Body) is now easier to get.
-Recolored Guruguru outfits from brown to blue.
-Yasaka no Magatama's chakra usage reduced.
-Chakra Scalpel changes default attack.
-Added Event 5: Eat all your Carrots.
-Garouga, Gatenga and Tsuuga buffed.
-Added new code for secret Mission.
-Electric Rat less likely to spawn.
-Butterfly Bullet Bombing buffed.
-Tessenka no Mai: Tsuru buffed.
-Fuuton: Shinkuu Renpa buffed.
-Danzo's Sharingan buffed.
-Kyuubi Rasengan buffed.
-Kyuubi Blaster buffed.
-Dai Rasenringu buffed.
-Cooldowns panel added.
-Hakke Kuushoo updated.
-Buffed Inuzuka's dog.
-Naruto Beam buffed.
-Rasenringu buffed.
-Buffed Summonings.
-Added new items.
-Block Whispers.
-Lariat buffed.
-Fixed bugs.
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Updates (Ver.1.2)
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