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 2nd World Tournament Fuuinjutsu Elite

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PostSubject: 2nd World Tournament Fuuinjutsu Elite    Fri Jul 15, 2016 11:11 pm

World Tournament Naruto Fuuinjutsu Elite!

1st Reward->100 Fuuinjutsu Coins [Shinigami (AkameSenpai)]

2nd Reward->50 Fuuinjutsu Coins [Mr. Sleon(Lenk123)]

3rd Reward->25 Fuuinjutsu Coins [Zorn (podaruxd9909)]

-I want to join to the tournament, what can I do?
You need to send a message to the BYOND account named FuuinjutsuT2, with your BYOND key and in-game name. Example: Yami (YamiGT1231)

-Kokua (ISSACK)
-ArcanX (Arcane755)
-Xanel (Deigamer)
-Potasium (PotasioOp)
-Frent (Frentzore)
-Zorn (podaruxd9909)
-Mr. Sleon (Lenk123)
-Hidan (J-K-S1451)
-Cs1 (InsanelyOp)
-Bankai (AnimeHQ)
-Reaper (Bijuu310)
-Tetsu (XSoulBreaker4)
-Uchiha Bro (1231Revenge)
-Shinigami (AkameSenpai)
-Devil (ThanatosHades)
-Father Time (Ericowow)
-Faqer (KamikaUchiha)
-Kazuhiko (CyberMoon)
-soniki (J-K-S1452)
-Lord Kunai (she-touched-me)
-True Kunai (2nuts on your chin)
-Kinate (White Zetsu210)
-Zorumi (G.west17)
-Naruto (TurboDuelKing7)

Preliminary Phase    (07/18/2016) 21:00 GMT

Group A
Kazuhiko (CyberMoon): 1 point
Zorn (podaruxd9909): 2 points
88FCarox (Lucasmc): 0 point

Group B
Frent (Frentzore):1 point
Potasium (PotasioOp): 2 points
soniki (J-K-S1452): disqualified

Group C
Uchiha Bro (1231Revenge): 1 point
Kinate (White Zetsu210): disqualified
Mr. Sleon (Lenk123): 2 points

Group D
Reaper (Bijuu310): 1 point
Shinigami (AkameSenpai): 2 points
Hidan (J-K-S1451): disqualified

Group E
Lord Kunai (she-touched-me): 2 points
Devil (ThanatosHades): 1 point
Xanel (Deigamer): disqualified

Group F
Naruto (TurboDuelKing7): 1 point
Tetsu (XSoulBreaker4): 2 points
Father Time (Ericowow): 0 points

Group G
Kokua (ISSACK): 2 points
Bankai (AnimeHQ): 1 point
Cs1 (InsanelyOp): disqualified

Group H
Faqer (KamikaUchiha): 1 point
Kunai (2nuts on your chin): 2 points
Zorumi (G.west17): 0 point

Final Phase    (07/19/2016) 21:00 GMT


-Kazuhiko (CyberMoon) Vs Kunai (2nuts on your chin)---> Kunai (2nuts on your chin) Won!

-Shinigami (AkameSenpai) Vs Devil (ThanatosHades)---> Shinigami (AkameSenpai) Won!

-Potasium (PotasioOp) Vs Kokua (ISSACK)---> Kokua (ISSACK) Won!

-Uchiha Bro (1231Revenge) Vs Tetsu (XSoulBreaker4)---> Tetsu (XSoulBreaker4) Won!

-Zorn (podaruxd9909) Vs Faqer (KamikaUchiha)--->Zorn (podaruxd9909) Won!

-Reaper (Bijuu310) Vs Lord Kunai (she-touched-me)--->Lord Kunai (she-touched-me) Won!

-Frent (Frentzore) Vs Bankai (AnimeHQ)--->Frent (Frentzore) Won!

-Mr. Sleon (Lenk123) Vs Naruto (TurboDuelKing7)--->Mr. Sleon(Lenk123) Won!


-Kunai (2nuts on your chin) Vs Shinigami (AkameSenpai) ---> Shinigami (AkameSenpai) Won!

-Kokua (ISSACK) Vs Tetsu (XSoulBreaker4)--->Tetsu (XSoulBreaker4) Won!

-Zorn (podaruxd9909) Vs Lord Kunai (she-touched-me)--->Zorn (podaruxd9909) Won!

-Frent (Frentzore) Vs Mr. Sleon(Lenk123)--->Mr. Sleon(Lenk123) Won!


-Shinigami (AkameSenpai) Vs Tetsu (XSoulBreaker4)--->Shinigami (AkameSenpai) Won!

-Zorn (podaruxd9909) Vs Mr. Sleon(Lenk123)--->Mr. Sleon(Lenk123) Won!

Final Battle

Shinigami (AkameSenpai) Vs Mr. Sleon(Lenk123)--->Shinigami (AkameSenpai)


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2nd World Tournament Fuuinjutsu Elite
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