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 Ranked Challenge Bug -- What did pass to me.

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Ranked Challenge Bug -- What did pass to me. Empty
PostSubject: Ranked Challenge Bug -- What did pass to me.   Ranked Challenge Bug -- What did pass to me. I_icon_minitimeSat Jul 09, 2016 3:14 pm

Well, Ranked challenge is bugged, Tetsu already posted it, but something different occoured to me, ending in the same consequences, but for me it could be fixed, and it was way different of what did pass to Tetsu, I'm here to tell it.
Well, I told Law to get me 50 RPs via Ranked Challenges, giving him Mizukage spot as reward, since I was Mizukage. My Character's Name was Nico, Mizukage Nico.
Law accepted, and all was working well, before I reached 20RPs, he suicided every time since I just remade, when we reached 20 RPs, he suicided, but I didnt go out of the arena, I was bugged in the arena, I suicided then, thinking that it would fix the problem, it didnt, I couldnt accept any type of Challenge, and I couldnt cast any jutsu too, after this, I decided to relog, Law bugged too, When I relogged I was in the menu screen with my Character, but this time it had my Key's Name, someone spot challed me, and I told him that I couldnt accept it, since I was bugged, after that, Zorn challed me, and told me to relog while the Spot Chall was active(ready to accept), it fixed, I wasnt bugged in the Menu Screen, I loaded my character, but I was still bugged with the nickname and with the Jutsu bug, Zorn told me to accept the Leader Spot Chall again, since he challed me again, this time I could accept the challenge, he killed me, and my character fixed, I had the same Character's Name before I bugged, I looked at the Vitals tab, and the RPs were 15, and not 20, seems like when Zorn killed me in leader spot chall, he ended the Ranked Chall at the same time, and since I lost the spot challenge, I lost RPs.

-Character's Name: Nico
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Ranked Challenge Bug -- What did pass to me.
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