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 Updates (Ver.WIPE PLS)

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PostSubject: Updates (Ver.WIPE PLS)   Sun Jul 03, 2016 9:17 pm

Updates (Ver.WIPE PLS)

-Added Danzo's clan.
-Added Aburame's clan.
-Added Izanagi for Danzo's clan.
-Added Izanami for Danzo's clan.
-Added Sharingan for Danzo's clan.
-Added Illuminate for Danzo's clan.
-Added Kotoamatsukami for Danzo's clan.
-Added Insect Drain for Aburame's clan.
-Added Insect Booster for Aburame's clan.
-Added Underground Roots for Danzo's clan.
-Added Insect Gathering for Aburame's clan.
-Added Parasitic Insect for Aburame's clan.
-Added Fuuton: Shinkuu Renpa for Danzo's clan.
-Added Ura Shisho Fuuinjutsu for Danzo's clan.
-Added Take Corpse's Sharingan for Danzo's clan (For Izanagi/Izanami).
-Added Gold Dust for Gaara's clan. It can be obtained once you reach some hidden reqs.
-Leaving when you're being Challenged for a Leader Spot takes out your spot.
-Piercing added to Chidori, Raikiri and some of their variants.
-Now you are able to tell which missions you have done.
-Some healing jutsus can't be used in Tournaments.
-Mugen Tsukuyomi won't work in middle of War.
-Custom hair-style is now available for Subs.
-Awakened Paper Man/Woman Wings buffed.
-Changed weapons damage calculations.
-Now you can choose your skin color.
-Inuzuka's clan dog is stronger now.
-Increased some of Jukai Kotan CD.
-There is now 1 room per Mission.
-Some turfs can be destroyed now.
-Added Izuna's hair-style.
-Added a Reboot Timer.
-Juubi Mode nerfed.
-Stats cap changed.
-Soutourou buffed.
-Fixed more bugs.
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Updates (Ver.WIPE PLS)
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