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 Updates (Ver.YAMS)

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PostSubject: Updates (Ver.YAMS)   Sat Mar 05, 2016 6:06 pm

Updates (Ver.YAMS)

-Added Kamui for Menma's clan.
-Added Lariat for the Hachibi.
-Added Kaen Rendan for Puppet Mode.
-Added Rasengan for Momoshiki's eyes.
-Added Judgement for Momoshiki's eyes.
-Added Fast-Speed Movement to the Gates.
-Added Truth Seeking Ball for the Juubi.
-Added Underground Roots for Fuse Bodies.
-Added Susanoo Rikudou for the Sharinnegan.
-Added Mecha-Kyuubi for Mecha-Naruto's clan.
-Added Repulsion Technique for Menma's clan.
-Added Unstable Juubi for Ootsutsuki's clan.
-Added Kyuubi Blaster for Mecha-Naruto's clan.
-Added Dance of the Healing for Kaguya's clan.
-Added Shadow Protection Sphere for Nara's clan.
-Added Seigenjutsu: Kagemane for Momoshiki's eyes.
-Added Mokuton: Mokuryuu no Jutsu for Senju's clan.
-Added Body Roots for Fuse Bodies & Obito Double Eyes.
-Added Streaming Danger Tyranny for Custom Organization Leaders.
-Added Fuse Bodies(Artificial Body) for Obito's eyes/Zetsu's clan.
-Rebirthing doesn't halve your Health, Chakra or Weapon Skill anymore.
-You are immortal and intangible for some seconds after leaving spawn.
-Jikuu Shippuu Senkou Ren no Dan: Zero Shiki uses less chakra now.
-Now you can't use Kamui Dimension on the same person twice.
-You don't lose Ryo(s) by killing Village members anymore.
-Now you just need 1 Rebirth to recover your stolen eye.
-The Gate of Death - Shimon damage over time decreased.
-Added hair to White Zetsus created by Mugen Tsukuyomi.
-Soul Absorption Technique has a slightly bigger CD.
-Hakkeshou Kaiten damage is now x10 times stronger.
-Tsukuyomi & Kotoamatsukami Kobo damage increased.
-Bleeding causes more damage, but takes more time.
-Suna Armor now protects you from non-Tai jutsus.
-Susanoo Fist & Kurama Fist uses less Chakra now.
-Hatake's are now able to open the second gate.
-Rasenringu & Dai Rasenringu damage increased.
-Rokketo Rasengan renamed to Rocket Rasengan.
-You take less damage while using Gedo Mazo.
-Damage is halved while using Shinra Tensei.
-Type /gameguide in OOC to open Game Guide.
-Mecha-Naruto clan can't get any Bijuu now.
-You now recover 0.1% of Chakra per second.
-True Several Thousand Hands damage buffed.
-Suiton: Goshokizame uses less chakra now.
-Rimbo: Hengoku renamed to Limbo: Hengoku.
-Ootsutsuki clan can't get any Bijuu now.
-Yanagi no Mai & Karamatsu no Mai buffed.
-Changed Obito's/Hatake's Susanoo color.
-Ashura's Kurama Full Mode icon changed.
-Juubi Mode recovers your health faster.
-Improved Indra's arrow. Buffed damage.
-Amaterasu now causes damage over time.
-Kyuubi Susanoo now has a proper icon.
-Added Chuunins Tab next to Info Tab.
-Yasaka no Magatama damage increased.
-Limbo: Hengoku uses more Chakra now.
-Chakra Rosary Scatter damage buffed.
-Switched Kirigakure no Kijin colors.
-Hakkeshou Kaiten deals damage now.
-Kokuangyo no Jutsu damage buffed.
-Rinnegan Absorb now uses 5% less.
-Spore Technique effect buffed.
-Players names can be seen now.
-Rocket Rasengan damage buffed.
-Changed Kamui Shurikens color.
-Changed Village NPCs behavior.
-Omote Renge damage increased.
-Changed Kamui Raikiri color.
-Kirin now deals more damage.
-Kamui Raikiri damage buffed.
-Opening Gates is easier now.
-Raiden can be upgraded now.
-Kamui uses less chakra now.
-Jukai Kotan damage buffed.
-Naruto Beam damage buffed.
-Wood Spike damage buffed.
-Changed Yasogami Kuugeki.
-Changed Bullet Barrage.
-Kamui Shurikens buffed.
-Sawarabi no Mai buffed.
-Added new hair-styles.
-Added Rebirth 6 & 7.
-Ground Pound buffed.
-Suna Tsunami buffed.
-Added new clothes.
-Shark Mode buffed.
-Changed Bijuudama.
-Tenseigan buffed.
-Improved a medal.
-Fixed more bugs.
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Updates (Ver.YAMS)
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