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 Deva Path Gravity Control

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PostSubject: Deva Path Gravity Control   Mon Feb 15, 2016 7:11 am

Shinra Tensei is awesome as it is but it seems like it's missing strength perhaps? I think if shinra tensei had levels as to be able to charge it that would be cool. So using it and charging it before usage would increase the range and damage a little but also the chakra required to use it.

Level 1: Normal damage, mobs in oview(usr,1)

Level 2: 1.2x damage, range increase oview(usr,2)

Level 3: 1.5x damage range increase oview(usr,5)(equivalent to the shinra tensei used to destroy the hidden leaf village

Chibaku tensei is cool but it seems rather short. If it could be more of a pull into then damage over tiem type thing that might be cool.
If a person specifically is clicked when someone does chibaku tensei maybe they should get trapped inside it for a little bit like the tailed beasts did with sasuke
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Deva Path Gravity Control
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