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 Puppet Rework

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PostSubject: Puppet Rework   Sat Feb 13, 2016 12:52 am

Puppets are awesome as they are but they seem to be missing some things such as:
For Basic Puppets

  • Kunai launcher(poison optional)
  • Senbon launcher(poison optional)
  • Smoke Bomb(Poison Optional)
  • Hidden Blade(poison optional)

For more Advanced puppets

  • Chakra Arm shield(Gyro shield) - Just a breakable defense for the puppet that drains the user's chakra while it's active
  • Multi puppet arms summon(one arm summons a large number used to impale someone)

Basic puppet are:

  • crow(karasu)

  • ant(kuroari)

Adavnced would be:

  • Mother and Father Puppet

  • Third Kazekage Puppet

  • Ten chikametsu Puppets

  • Akahigi Puppets(only because they are all human puppets, otherwise they have weapons a basic puppet would if they had any)

Or upgrades might be a nice addition
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Puppet Rework
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