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 Updates (Ver.Imay)

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PostSubject: Updates (Ver.Imay)   Sat Jan 30, 2016 1:45 am

Updates (Ver.Imay)

-Added Menma's clan.
-Added Iron Fist for Lee's clan.
-Added Rashomon for Senju's clan.
-Added Rasenringu for Menma's clan.
-Added Poison Mist for Medic's clan.
-Added Rinne Tensei for Naraka Path.
-Added Regeneration for Senju's clan.
-Added Paper Chakram for Konan's clan.
-Added Dai Rasenringu for Menma's clan.
-Added Bansho Tenin for Madara's Rinnegan.
-Added Oodama Rasengan for Namikazes' clan.
-Added Vanishing Rasengan for Uzumaki's clan.
-Added Finger Bullets for Mecha-Naruto's clan.
-Added Bullets Barrage for Mecha-Naruto's clan.
-Added Dimension Shuriken for Obito's Rinnegan.
-Added Kaguya no Jikuukan for Ootsutsuki's clan.
-Added Raiton: Shiden & Extend for Hatake's clan.
-Added Fanned Flame Great Fire for Obito's Rinnegan.
-Added Absorption Seal for Rikudou's clan & Preta Path.
-Added Underground Roots Technique for Obito's Rinnegan.
-Added Beast Aura for Kakuzu's clan. It boosts Hearts stats.
-Double Clicking players to check stats was replaced with Sense. Buy it for Ninja Points.
-If someone doesn't accept a Leader Challenge after 3 requests, it will be auto-accepted.
-If you accept one Leader Challenge, you won't have to accept any other for 2 days.
-If you belong to the Orochimaru clan you are not affected by poison.
-You can't hurt Village/Organization members while you're in a War.
-Healing Technique and Medical Technique now cures poison.
-If a Jashin leaves their circle, they lose immortality.
-Sozo Saisei won't waste chakra if it doesn't cure HP.
-Hakke Kuushoo range improved, but is less stronger.
-Healing Technique and Medical Technique improved.
-Akimichi Pills buffed. It uses less chakra now.
-Poison Area (Puppet ver.) Poison Effect buffed.
-Added Bleeding, which causes damage over time.
-Baika no Jutsu doesn't use any chakra now.
-Mission NPCs can't hurt themselves now.
-Hakkeshou Kaiten uses less chakra now.
-Healing techniques now cures bleeding.
-Reaper Death Seal has a big CD now.
-Shinra Tensei stuns you less time.
-Absorption Soul Technique buffed.
-Sharingan Copy Technique updated.
-Mokuton Hands now boost Nin too.
-Events chance increased in a 5%.
-Missions difficulty increased.
-Added a new Tournament prize.
-Changed Momoshiki Eyes reqs.
-You can now ignore Whispers.
-Added actual Poison damage.
-Yasaka no Magatama buffed.
-Changed Ashura Mode reqs.
-Raijuu Hashiri now stuns.
-Changed Ootsutsuki reqs.
-Mugen Tsukuyomi redone.
-NPCs are stronger now.
-Flaming Arrow buffed.
-Dynamic Entry buffed.
-Changed Juubi reqs.
-Raiden now stuns.
-Chains buffed.
-Fixed bugs.
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Updates (Ver.Imay)
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