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 Village Jutsu part 1. 5 nations

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PostSubject: Village Jutsu part 1. 5 nations    Village Jutsu part 1. 5 nations  I_icon_minitimeMon Jan 25, 2016 10:41 pm

Leaf-Shadow Clone Jutsu-Makes clones that you can use jutsu with starts at 5 clones. Then after a 500 uses. Goes to 10. HP for clones are cut in half. Nin based.

Rock-Earth Release-Added Weight Rock Technique. Hits the enemy with his fist and decreases the movement for 3 seconds. Nin based.

Sand-Blade of Wind-Covers hands in a wind and shoots Balls of air at the enemy. Nin based.

Cloud-Lightning Release Depth Charge Attack.-Charges lightning around the user and then releases the lightning when the user is ready to attack. Nin based.

Mist-Water Release: Water Severing Wave.- Shoots a High speed Water stream at the opponent. Nin based.

These jutsu you can only get if you are born into a village. You cannot get them if you switch villages or get invited to another village.

Also these are all just nin based I know but there is more to come.
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Village Jutsu part 1. 5 nations
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