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 Rework Jashin Clan

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PostSubject: Rework Jashin Clan   Rework Jashin Clan I_icon_minitimeWed Jan 20, 2016 5:12 am

-Jashin's circle now takes 5 seconds to create (Hidan uses his own blood to draw the circle- it takes time).

-Jashins lose any blood they took after 60 seconds.

-Drawing jashin's circle has a cooldown of 20 seconds.

-Jashin's circle disappears if the player leaves it or is pulled or knocked out of it.

-Add a "Pray" verb. Praying works like regeneration.

-When a jashin takes blood, they don't take damage from enemy attacks but their hp drains overtime because they have started the ritual. This hp drain does not affect the person they took blood from. The purpose of the pray verb is to restore hp while they have blood. Praying requires a mild amount of chakra.

-If a jashin does not draw the circle and kill their target in time then their hp will eventually go to 0. They will die an a message displayed in the info tab that the player has been crucified by Lord Jashin.

-When a jashin takes the blood of  player A and then takes the blood of player B before killing player A, player B becomes the new cursed player and player A's blood is discarded.

-Add jashin's medallion (has a pendant with jashin's symbol). The medallion boosts a little of tai.

-Add retractable spear for jashin.

Maybe add a jashin secret where:
-They can store blood for later use.
-They get a boost.
-They can toggle immortality without having blood. This should drain chakra overtime.
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Rework Jashin Clan
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