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 Updates (Ver.Yami)

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PostSubject: Updates (Ver.Yami)   Sun Jan 03, 2016 11:54 pm

Updates (Ver.Yami)

-Added Mecha-Naruto's clan.
-Added Rinbo: Hengoku for Madara.
-Added Gatenga for Inuzuka's clan.
-Added Nunoboko Sword for the Juubi.
-Added Dark Chidori for Sasuke's CS.
-Added Sword Throw for Swordsman clan.
-Added Reaper Death Seal for Namikaze.
-Added Spore Technique for Zetsu's clan.
-Added Susanoo Fist for the Sharinnegan.
-Added Susanoo Chidori for the Sharinnegan.
-Added Naruto Beam for Mecha-Naruto's clan.
-Added Kamui Raikiri for Hatake Double Eyes.
-Added Chakra Barrier for Mecha-Naruto's clan.
-Added Shunshin no Jutsu for Ninja Points Shop.
-Added Tessenka no Mai: Tsuru for Kaguya's clan.
-Added Roketto Rasengan for Mecha-Naruto's clan.
-Added Dual Lightsabers for Mecha-Naruto's clan.
-Added Yasogami Kuugeki for Ootsutsuki's Byakugan.
-Added Momoshiki Eyes secret for the Rikudou clan.
-Added Underground Roots Technique for Zetsu's clan.
-Added Kurama Full Mode for the Bijuu Mode and Ashura Mode.
-Added Kurama Fist for Ashura Mode (You can use it without activating it, but you must unlock it).
-You can recover your stolen eye by looking at the Uchiha Tablet, but you need to Rebirth atleast once.
-At Ninja Wars, you can damage players from your Village/Organization, but you can't kill them.
-Teleporting someone to your Kamui Dimension uses more chakra, but taking them out uses less.
-You can now change your spawn point. Just talk with each Village/Organization Spawn Ninja.
-Kage Kubishibari no Jutsu was deleted, but implemented with Kagemane no Jutsu.
-You can now unequip Hiruko and revert your Puppet Mode, but has a high CD.
-Changed Rinne Tensei. Now you must use it on someone before they die.
-Medic's Sharingan now can be upgraded into the Mangekyou Sharingan.
-People revived by Rinne Tensei are now immortal for some seconds.
-Now the Leader spot is reset if they don't connect in 5 days.
-Kagemane no Jutsu now reach up to 50 tiles instead of 30.
-Now you can change Sandals, Gloves and Ninja Mask colors.
-Now there's a higher chance a Bijuu appears in a Village.
-Suiro no Jutsu now has a high CD, but uses less chakra.
-When the Leader of a Guild leaves it, it is disbanded.
-Changed old Rinbo: Hengoku name to Clon Substitution.
-Changed Kirigakure no Kijin and Shark Mode boosts.
-Organization Bases now have a Missions Ninja NPC.
-Gaara Clan now starts with Doton as Main Element.
-There's a 5% a Tournament Prize is a Game Secret.
-Escape the Mugen Tsukuyomi Event Prize increased.
-Attack verb now deals damages two tiles in front.
-Sawarabi no Mai area extended. Uses more chakra.
-Changed Tessenka no Mai: Tsuru duration time.
-Buffed Awakened Paper Man/Woman Paper Wings.
-Sand Gourd now boosts a little of Ninjutsu.
-Inverted Eye of the Moon colors for Juubi.
-Jujutsu: Shiji Hyouketsu now stays longer.
-Karamatsu no Mai now has a Taijutsu Boost.
-You can now Ignore Guild Invite requests.
-Kakuzu's Hearts now have different stats.
-Partner Boost range improved in 8 tiles.
-Yanagi no Mai now gives a bigger boost.
-Redesigned Self Harm jutsu for Jashin.
-Damage is now shown over players head.
-Buffed Eye of the Moon for Ootsutsuki.
-Indra's Eyes chance increased in a 5%.
-Changed Oiroke no Jutsu duration time.
-Uchihas can't get Sharingan Copy now.
-Changed Henge no Jutsu duration time.
-Changed Training Speed with Weights.
-Changed Weapons Damage Calculation.
-Shinra Tensei now does more damage.
-Teshi Sendan now attacks in front.
-Changed Edo Tensei Clothes color.
-Ninja Wars Arena is now smaller.
-Gedo Mazo Chakra Blast improved.
-Puppet Bind now has a small CD.
-Rikudou Paths have more HP now.
-Dynamic Entry damage improved.
-Changed Sub Weapon Skill caps.
-Changed Tessenka no Mai: Hana.
-Puppets Stats highly improved.
-Training gives more stats now.
-Buffed Tenseigan Chakra Mode.
-Added a new Tournament Prize.
-Added new items to the Shop.
-Improved Jukai Kotan damage.
-Added Kisame's Hair Style.
-Missing Rank reqs lowered.
-Removed Shield of Shukaku.
-Changed Nin/Tai/Gen caps.
-Improved Chakra Stealing.
-Buffed Swordsman jutsus.
-Changed Tenseigan reqs.
-Partner Boost improved.
-Kamui range improved.
-Buffed Suna Tsunami.
-Updated Game Guide.
-Updated FC Shop.
-Fixed more bugs.
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Updates (Ver.Yami)
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