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 Fresh Idea

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Oragami Mugen


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PostSubject: Fresh Idea   Thu Dec 24, 2015 5:51 am

hello ladies and gentlemen,i have here an idea that cannot be denied ...

a fresh new idea that brings variety to the game...

well,what is this idea you ask of?


but really,lets get on to business..

I am proposing to make a 'non clan' clan.

non clans clan is basically a regular ninja with the chances to be taught under a kegion....a legion meaning trade wheter it be tai jutsu mastery (Gai/Lee) Medic ninja (Tsunade/shizune/kabuto) Monk (Asuma/monk leader npc) or whatever else u wanna throw in there!

therefore it takes luck to gain these exotic techniques,but of course these trades will need more techniques depending on who accepts you,i declare we start by removing lee medic and swordsman clan (Swords man is basically a person with a sword and water jutsus....not cool....) of course there are rare trades u can learn like being apart of the smoke clan from a naruto filler which i forgot the name of or the bee clan or maybe have powers like guren....

and while im on the subject of ideas i'd like it very much if people can be born a sensory type ninja gaining the jutsu sense,which detects chakra on the map you're on. that is all for now to be continued
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PostSubject: Re: Fresh Idea   Sun Feb 07, 2016 9:06 am

I like it
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Fresh Idea
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