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 Demonic Flute

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PostSubject: Demonic Flute   Demonic Flute I_icon_minitimeSun Oct 04, 2015 11:47 am

Demonic Flute Clan. Aka Tayuya
Using Genjutsu to lock down and destroy your foes mind and spirit.
Demonic Flute Tayuya10
1. An actual clan that can use Genjutsu besides Uchiha
2. Large Area of Effect playset rather then the run in circles/target playstyles.

1. Spamming a Single genjutsu would become annoying if usable in small gaps (Fix: Make Cool downs larger for less Genjutsu stat.)
2. Oros will not be able to take clan as they don't get the Flute.

Character Creation:
Items: Demonic Flute, Sound Suit

Demonic Flute (1.3x Genjutsu buff, Only while in use)
Demonic Flute Images10

Demonic Flute: Phantom Sound Chains
Will cause a Stun/Image of RedRoom/Melting character. Dealing damage 2x Genjutsu, (Increase in Range and Damage if Curse Mark Tayuya Stage Two is Active)

Revolt of the Demon World
Will release a wisp from the flute, Wisp will deal 1x Genjutsu damage and be clicked onto ground(Think Kamui). (Increase in Range and Damage if Curse Mark Tayuya Stage Two is Active) If target is hit it will drain Chakra and give it back to the user (1.x , 2.x, 3.x,) Judging on damage dealt and received

Demonic Flute: Snare
Target will become stricken with fear and being unable to move. (Based on User genjutsu and targets Genjutsu on length of stun)

Demonic Flute: Wave
Summons a large purple sound ring around the user, constantly using Chakra.
Any taijutsu move used on the User will be nullified and will place Demonic Flute:Phantom Chains on the target

Being hit with a Taijutsu will cause a 1 in 10/20/30/40/50 chance to Break the active flute of the user.
If flute is broken, user will have to wait until death for flute to "repair". Making them useless in battle.

Hidden Secret:
Kaguya Bone Flute/Sages Bone Flute (5x Genjutsu and Ninjutsu)
If the user has 1000 Kills, 20 Rank Points, Anbu/A-Rank Missing
They must kill a Kaguya using Demonic Flute: Wave which will result in obtaining the Kaguya Bone flute
Alt; They must kill a Sage mode Active Orochimaru(Can be cross clanned) with Demonic flute:Phantom Sound Chains

Note: Everything I've put here shouldn't be taken in whole, Adjust and suit to your coding style~ I hope you consider letting me run around with a flute annoying people!
Untill Next time.

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PostSubject: Re: Demonic Flute   Demonic Flute I_icon_minitimeWed Dec 16, 2015 9:51 pm

Flutes are OP. I like it.
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Demonic Flute
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