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 Susano'o Suggestion

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PostSubject: Susano'o Suggestion   Sun Sep 06, 2015 12:46 am

Well the way the Susano'os are currently are amazing as far as graphics go but they don't' serve their true purpose in my opinion.

First off Susano'o in the anime/manga mainly acted as a shield tanking as much damage it could depending on the user's chakra somewhat.

So my suggestion is; Susano'o should have health of it's own which depennds on the user's chakra and the type of Susano'o. Upon damaging the user the damage would instead go to the susano'o which would lower the susano'o's health. Eventually the susano'o would go down a stage as it's health reached a certain lower amount until completely broken.

Idea 2: Susano'o power could be Susano'o's health bar and once it hits a certain ammount Susano'o would go down a stage if it has a stage to go down to and once its out of stages to revert into it'd break leaving the user defenseless and unable to use susano'o for awhile.

Perfect Form/Ultimate Form Susanoo'o would not revert stages it would just break all together but would have higher health because of it
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Susano'o Suggestion
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