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PostSubject: Village/Org Leader   Village/Org Leader I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 04, 2015 5:26 am

Kages and Org Leaders have the option to never lose their spot because they can simply a) not let you into the village, or b) deny challenges constantly.


- Ability for anyone to challenge any leader once per 24 hours, per key.

- Leader has to accept challenges within 5 minutes or lose their position to the challenger. Reminder pops up every minute in big letters seen only by the leader.

- Inactivity (7+) days offline. 10 minutes or less of being logged in on the Leader character does not reset the 7 day cooldown.

- Cool-down for leaders having to fight. Can only be challenged once per 60 minutes, or once per reboot.

- Challengers must meet the 65k all stats and 1.5mil health requirement. This is to prevent new characters from ruining the cooldown.

- Abuse in any way (lengthening kage time by exploiting alts and challenging, etc) is a bannable offense.

- Leaders have 20k increase in nin/gen/tai caps, 1mil increase in HP/Chakra caps.

All of these are suggestions, but it seems like a good system to handle leader positions. As it currently stands, leaders only have to lose their rank if they choose to.
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