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 Bug squashing list #1

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PostSubject: Bug squashing list #1   Sun Aug 02, 2015 12:31 am

While playing the game i've stumbled upon a few bugs. These bugs range from minor problems to gamebreaking(?).
Here are some minor ones:
- Bijuu overlay disappears when you relog.
- Orochimaru can spawn indefinete amount of Kusanagis (can drop them too),
- Gunbae and white gunbae are not obtainable from shop,
- ANBU leader verb (kage verb) is buggy (if anbu leader leaves village, kage can't make other person kage leader),

Major ones:
- If the partner of a hatake gets mangekyou and the hatake steals the second eye, the partner (uchiha) keeps mangekyou verb but loses sharingan verb,
- Goukakyuu and Doryuu dango sometimes don't show their respected icon (invisible projectile - still does damage)
- Jashi circle lasts 10min, makes bijuu kill themself if the last hit is done by bijuu (user doesn't get credit),
- Uchiha EMS eye steal leaves victim at permanent 60% blindness (even if user has more than 60%),
- Goukakyuu and Doryuu dango sometimes hit multiple times,
- Jutsu fix gives Madara EMS users access to Kamui, Kamui phase and Kamui Dimension
- Kamui verb sometimes disappears from the doujutsu tab (after death usually) but re-appears after using mangekyou again,

Your bug exterminator #1, Raikagi.
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PostSubject: Re: Bug squashing list #1   Sun Aug 02, 2015 10:41 pm

Some stuff here arent bugs, but meant to be that way. Anyways, those who are actually bugs, Ill see what I can do to fix them. Ty!
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Bug squashing list #1
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