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 Cool Downs and Nerfs on boosts

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Cool Downs and Nerfs on boosts Empty
PostSubject: Cool Downs and Nerfs on boosts   Cool Downs and Nerfs on boosts I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 02, 2015 12:17 am

Cool downs for all jutsus especially big aoe/ projectiles

Bijuudama Goukakyu and what not

Chakra drain on sharingan/rinnegan hatake and etc and what not

small chakra drain on doujutsu in general
(5-10 per second maybe?)
Major boosts unstackable with eachother

Bijuu Clad Susan'o verb for uchihas with perfect susan'o only.

Major boosts Bijuu mode, Susan'o, and etc

minor boosts sage mode, sharingan, and etc

the players will be able to only stack minor boosts with their major boosts but only one

for sage mode users cannot stack doujutsu with bijuu mode they can only have a total of 2 boosts and for uchihas they just get a semi stronger susan'o
(that is what bijuu clad susan'o is for)

2 boosts per player makes it much more balanced so that no one can abuse stacking on stacks on stacks on stacks and so on

and inuzukas are included too curse seal is a minor boost too and cannot be stacked on sage mode because literally it's senjutsu

 every player is limited to 2 boosts only
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Cool Downs and Nerfs on boosts
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